Our ideas STAY

For an hour or a month, find your happiness at YOU !

YOU Long Stay

Do you want to stay with us for a long time? At least 5 days? It's perfect, we are Happy! We have created the Long Stay offer specially for you. 1 surprise per day…

Yes ! You read correctly: 1 surprise per day guaranteed.


YOU Family

How many children do you have? 2? 4? 6? Congratulations! And welcome to YOU. The Family offer is made for your Beautiful family. A Family or Together room, so you don't waste any minutes together. A private screening at the cinema? You just have to choose your film, we offer you the pop-corns!

mini kids.PNG

YOU Lovers

Have you loved each other for a few days? No… for years? You want to spend a few days in love, you even dream of it! At YOU, we have imagined 2-3 tips and tricks so that he or she loves you all your life ... or just for a weekend;).


YOU Friends

Pajamas Party, bachelor party, very large beautiful Family (a bed for two, closer to the stars is for you), band of best friends, it's the Friends offer 'you need, look no further.